My shrine has arrived!!

This beautiful shrine,"Art Heals", has just arrived on my doorstep! It was made by artist Lisa DiNunzio, and you can see her blog at: www.pritistudio.blogspot.com. Lisa was one of many talented artists who participated in the auction to benefit Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots, which raised approximately $4,000 this year. I was also very privileged to be involved in the auction, by making and donating a handmade shrine called "Protect the Children". (see my sidebar)

Here is a little bit about Lisa DiNunzio:
"I am a self-taught (self-critical) artist.  I was brought up by the
"waste not-want not" mantra, so this explains the up-cycled art
I create and also probably my extra 10 pounds :)
I am a paradox: eternally optimistic and at the same time
almost always melancholy.

I have a family that I am in love with...a charmed life I am so thankful for... I am bashful and ridden with anxiety, but I do have a "brave-face-mask" that I wear almost all of the time..."

I feel so fortunate to have met all of the artists (through our blogs) who participated in this heartfelt cause for children in Oaxaca, Mexico. I encourage you to visit Lisa's beautiful art blog!


  1. WoW! How kind of you to share your spot with me. I am honored. It was a fun project and such a wonderful cause...

  2. Enjoy your shrine, Lisa is SO talented! Now, I'm going to peruse YOUR work, because I see there's a ton of talent here as well!

  3. I'm pretty sure Lisa is a wonderful person aside from being a very talented one.

  4. Ohhh I love Lisa an she is so funny as well as creative! What a hoot that gal is! So cool that you bought it!

  5. Lisa is so great! Nice shrine : )

  6. I feel so fortunate to have her artwork in my home!