Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom...you would have turned 80 last Sunday. So hard to believe. Did I ever get a chance to thank you for introducing me to the world of art as a young girl. I'll  never forget our trips to Denver to see amazing works of art at the Denver Art Museum. I still remember attending opera, the ballet and the numerous plays you took me to. I'll never forget the first time I saw "The Hobbit" with you, and was gently, but firmly, pulled into the world of Tolkien. Oh, all those Saturday morning modern dance and art classes at the college. Those wonderful hikes through and up the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. 14,000 foot peaks! With you! I can only hope that I have done as well as you did, with my own two children (who you would have loved immensely). I understand now why Dad called you "Cheri" (not your real name of Marilyn), because this means "darling" in french. And you were exactly that...

Pictured above: Marilyn, 1955, taken by my father, Thomas Jones.


  1. what a lovely tribute- she sounds like she was a wonderful inspiration - pointed you on the road to art - gotta love that!