Come out and play!

Spend the afternoon literally “waxing poetic”! In this class, we will be making beautiful handmade valentines out of collage materials and melted beeswax. I will show you the basics of collage, and how to use warm beeswax with various items such as lace, rice paper, oil pastels, found text, and photographs. Your friends and family will truly appreciate your small works of art for Valentine’s Day! Saturday, February 12, noon-4 p.m. 40. + supply fee. Class will be located in downtown Everett, Washington. Register: call Michelle at 425- 257-8380. NEW! Online registration is now available! Just visit: http://www.schack.org/classes/beeswax-valentines/

(Yes! we will be working with lots of color!)


  1. if only!!!!
    oh how the miles do stand between us.

    loving your heart!

  2. Thank you for stopping in Rebecca--always so nice to hear from you!