Back in the "saddle" again!

After a 5 month hiatus from working upstairs in my loft studio (due to a knee injury), I'm back! Oh-so-wonderful, oh-so-scary. Decided to just start working, rather than clean the place first. Feels great! Just gotta remember to keep my mouth closed, too may cobwebs hanging around...nothing is organized, but I am thrilled to be back.

Working on: barnacle/sea pieces and "Girls Night Out" series with plump fertility figures!


  1. oh you must be thrilled...must feel like comin' home...
    and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - couldn't respond directly to you...you have one of those"noreplycomment" address for your blogger email...

  2. Lisa, so glad to hear this!! Must be refreshing, and I don't see any cobwebs, looks pretty tidy...