The Edmonds show is up and running!

All images copyright 2009, 2010 JonesMoore

Well, the show is up and the space is beautiful! Matthew Robert Salon is a serene, light-filled space, fantastic for showcasing artwork or treating yourself to a haircut or style. Come and see thought-provoking artwork by Lisa JonesMoore and Sue Robertson! No appointment is necessary to see the art! The show will be up through November 27. (See sidebar for address, phone and more information).

Pictured above: "Sacred Door", Corazon del Girasol", "Double Venus", by Lisa JonesMoore.


  1. I've been absent for far too long and realise what I have missed. Wish I could drop by to see your show, or take a workshop.

  2. your work speaks straight to my heart.
    oh to live nearer....

    in the mean time i am warming up to autumn..and the realization that soon it will be time to shrine.

    i have just finished and posted a shrine for frida.
    would love to hear from you to revisit the idea of an article....this time way ahead of the actual event.