Day 7: A Virgin a Day

Virgen La Gruta, by Lisa JonesMoore, 2014
Another beautiful Virgin on the grounds of La Gruta, a very magical place. La Gruta is a hot springs resort near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I spent nearly two glorious hours in the stimulating waters there, and most of that time was in the "grotto" itself. No words to describe this experience. Perhaps "other-wordly", "womb-like", "nirvana"...

I felt Her presence was there, embracing, warm and loving. (no "religion" required to feel Her presence)

Please visit Rebecca Brook's Recuerda Mi Corazone here, for MORE "Mary Love", celebrating the 12 Days of the Virgin of Guadalupe!


  1. Oh so lovely. Is she in your garden at home?

  2. lisa your every post reminds me what a gift it was to love lupita together in our beloved mexico.

  3. I look at your photo and am filled with peace...