Day 8 & 9: A Virgin a Day

Two Virgins of Atotonilco, near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, by Lisa JonesMoore, 2014

Two beautiful Virgins from the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Frankly, sometimes I feel like the "headless" version of Mary...she's still glorious and proud, and knows where she is headed, even if it appears otherwise. (no pun intended)

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  1. Such beauty-almost too much for me to take in. I have always been enchanted by images from San Miguel Allende. Someday, I hope to go there and experience what you did.

  2. I hope I get to go there one day, too. Beautiful.

  3. this really speaks to me. the vault blue sky, and precious memories of being together in beloved san miguel. thanks so much for following your heart and me to share Loving Lupita! what a great group of precious souls we shared the light with!