Auction to benefit Oaxaca's street children ends tomorrow!

Your Bid Helps Support Educational Opportunities for Children in Oaxaca, Mexico...

Go to this website as soon as possible and place your bid on a beautiful handmade shrine, and support educational opportunities for the street children of Oaxaca, Mexico. I had the opportunity to visit Oaxaca in the fall of 2007, and still 'get emotional' when I reflect on the lovely people I met there. More information about this auction (and its beginnings) can be found here.

Pictured above: some very talented sand painters, near Oaxaca, during Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead " festivities. I don't know their backgrounds, but you can see that they are a talented young bunch, with lots of positive energy! They had just completed a beautiful sand painting, which you can see on my flickr.com site...


  1. Ha! It's like looking into the faces of my sons and their posses ... gorgeous young guys, wowza. That sand painting is amazing, very intricate -- I had no idea what I would be seeing when I clicked on the link. Talent, I'd say!

  2. Yes, the sand paintings (and their makers) were truly awesome, especially by candlelight...people spend days making them!

  3. so, uh, um ... yesterday I bought a clipboard. true story. Can you hear my bones quaking? You have inspired me to step through the shrine threshold ...

  4. Good for you! Remember, there are no rules...