I value your opinion!

I am submitting three images to Lark Books to be considered for inclusion in the upcoming publication "500 Found Object Works". The book will showcase art (and craft) made from found objects. I am having a tough time narrowing my choice down to three images. If you have the time and energy, I would be grateful if could you visit my web gallery at:


and vote (post your comment on this blog entry) on the three pieces that best represent works using found objects. I personally have eight favorites: 33,000 Words, Countdown to Nada, Dear Tom, Margarita and Marigolds, Mary with Blue and Red, 14 Squares with Chicken Bones and one  called "The Girls Cheat Death" (pictured above: a shrine made totally of found objects, dedicated to those who are overcoming breast cancer). I am also considering another piece  called "Captive Heart"--it is a shrine, also (pictured below in a previous post). If you don't have the time to do this, I totally understand. If you do, thanks so much!


  1. After switching between them multiple times, I vote for:
    1 - 33,000 words
    2- Countdown to Nada
    3 - 14 Squares with Chicken Bones

    I keep trying to find one of your classes that would work with my schedule. The clipboard shrineology looks especially fun, especially since I have about 15 clipboards in my garage that I bought before the Dem caucus (I was the Obama precinct captain).

    p.s. I left a message for you in reply to your comment on my blog from yesterday.

  2. Thank you, Meri, for taking the time to vote! I do hope you can take a class, and we can finally meet.

  3. oh, man, having browsed your stuff with hunger so many times! I already know my votes:
    1. 33,000 Words
    2. Amore Incondizionato
    3. Math Lesson
    But seriously, such loveliness abounds, any of your choices will be exemplary examples of the found object genre!

  4. Thanks for your reply, Toni...the responses have really helped. I pick up slides (yes, they prefer slides!) today, and mail them off to the publisher. i'll let everyone know the results! (Nothing ventured, nothing gained)...

  5. Which did you choose, then? I'm very curious.

    Also -- we ended up trying the 'Red Currant' soap last night, very blowsy, a little too overripe for ME but Double BB loved it. I'll have to let you know how the fresh mango is (grin). And yes, yes yes and YES! on the extra large bathtub ... mmmmmmm.

  6. I like them all, too hard to choose.....

  7. OMG, it worked! I was able to post a comment finally.....! Anyway I love all your work, esp. like the 33000 words. I had printed out the info for that submission call & forgot about it. You inspired me to try it, will send a digital on a cd for 1 item, what the heck.
    Wishing luck we both get in!!

  8. Yes! I'm so glad you are trying it too...