Wendy's class is this weekend!

Angel in Flight, by Wendy Lee Lynds

My friend, Wendy Lee Lynds, has an art workshop coming up in Everett, Washington, this weekend: April 4th and 5th, called "Visual Journaling". Are you or someone you know interested in chronicling the life and times of YOU??
Come, have a blast in this fast-packed, fun two day introduction into the joys of journaling.
now's the time.............

here's the link for more information and the scoop on how to register!
Arts Council of Snohomish County


  1. thanks, agin, my friend, for posting this. so appreciate you doing that. and appreicate you PERIOD! didn't fly, but they booked another one for the summer. fingers crossed for ALL our classes! oxoxoxox

  2. Glad to do it! I know it will "fly" this summer...