Fun with Wendy...

My assemblage 'in progress.

Wendy...hard at work.

I had a great 'art date' with my new art friend, Wendy Lee Lynds. She's a fabulous mixed media and collage artists, who also teaches in the Seattle area. We decided to have an 'assemblage day' at my studio. She worked with some antique box frames and some cool old metal pieces and text, and I worked on yet another clipboard collage/assemblage. Since it's sea creature and ocean oriented, I may bring it to the ArtFest 2009, and put it up in the gallery show. Wendy and I had great talks about assemblage, rusty things, odd collections of stuff, collage and how to teach a good workshop! And, of course, we compared notes on our favorite mixed media artists such as Larry Calkins (teaches at Pratt Art Center in Seattle), Lynne Perrella, Michael deMeng, Juliana Coles, LK Ludwig and Claudine Hellmuth. They are all masters at what they do, and teach fantastic workshops.


  1. Because of the sea/ocean related theme to this, my intimidation factor (shrine) disappeared. Suddenly, I 'get' it, what can be accomplished here, and expressed. Thank you!!!

  2. Wow, thank you Toni. Glad this helped to inspire. I will post the "finished" piece soon...