Dia de los Muertos, oh my!

"Manos y Ojos", COPYRIGHT 2009 JonesMoore

I am just bursting with excitement! Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is happening in less than one month! This is a major holiday in Mexico, during which families celebrate their ancestors and departed loved ones. The collage shown above was based on images and my feelings about Dia de los Muertos. "Manos y Ojos" (the handwritten text in the background) means hands and eyes...with the Virgin of Guadalupe floating above.
Dia le los Muertos is one of the most profound and beautiful cultural holidays I have ever experienced. So much love and sharing happens during the festivities. The streets, homes businesses and cemeteries of Mexico are just alive with music and pageantry. Check out my photos taken during this amazing holiday in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2007!


  1. Lisa:
    Be sure to come to the Tacoma Art Museum on the Sunday just before November 2. The festival will knock your socks off!

  2. I certainly will!! I can't wait. Thanks for the heads-up.