Edmonds Art studio Tour (In case you missed it...)

I survived the Edmonds Art Studio Tour–that would make a great T-shirt!! It was a huge success, thanks to everyone's tireless efforts--especially the organizers!! A++ to you all! I had over 175 people come through my studio. Everyone was genuinely interested in learning about the "process" of encaustics, which I was demonstrating all weekend. I had some fabulous conversations with various people about love of junk and found objects, the use of beeswax in art, the history of encaustics (dates back to ancient Egyptian times!), how I progressed from 'pastel landscape artist' to 'mixed media/collage/encaustic artist', the gorgeous September weather, how Latino cultures affect my artwork, Day of the Dead festivities, and on and on. I wish that I could have recorded these wonderful conversations. Maybe next year (if I recover enough to do it again), I will set up a video camera at my demonstration table, so some of these conversations could be recorded--ooh! is that too "Big Brother"? Anyway, this weekend, if nothing else, restored my faith in the fact that people still have a genuine and hearty interest in the visual arts! Thank you to all who took time out to come by!

If you missed this event, there is always next year...

Pictured above: one of my three "art viewing" rooms during the studio tour. I apologize for the photo quality, I have mush-brain today...


  1. Congratulations on a successful tour weekend-- I also have fond memories of talking to interested people who stopped to look at my work--- especially at the Bellevue Art Fair which I did for over 10 years.

  2. Yes, it is wonderful to hear feedback from people!

  3. truly wish i had just taken a break and come on over. heck, i wasn't too far away, either! DANG IT! next year, okay?? your walls look fabulous and your art all over...............looks so good! xoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks Wendy! Wish you could have been here too...