Doodads and rusty stuff for my kid...

My Favorite Things, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

My daughter, who is attending her first year of art school in Vancouver B.C., called me the other day requesting some interesting things. Rusty stuff and found objects...ahhh, I have trained her well. I guess they don't have much of that stuff in downtown Vancouver. She is in great need of these items for her first science (really!?) project. The assignment? Create a "Cabinet of Curiosity" (in box form) of natural objects–basically, an assemblage piece. Joseph Cornell was one of the first artists to actually do this in box form. Check it out–they are fabulous!


I am feeling fairly excited to put together a "care" package of rusty things for my daughter, and so glad her love of using mixed media and found objects has stayed with her. I can't wait to see the finished product!


  1. If you ever come north past Mt.Vernon and Burlington, you take the old 99 exit to Bellingham-- it parallels the freeway--- you will come to Bonners-- a JUNK store with rusty, worn, torn, clutters of lots of STUFF-- for very cheap prices.

  2. OOhhh-thanks! I have a couple of favorite junk stores around, but most have been the victims of over-development!!