'Mining' older work is a great way to get out of a creative rut...

365: day 81 Experiments, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

I recently pulled out a bunch of older and unfinished pieces, in a desperate attempt to get ready for the annual Edmonds Art Studio Tour. It's been difficult to start any new work over the summer, with an 'almost 13 and bored' kid at home–SO, I have tried re-working some pieces that I formerly disliked, or work that just never came to fruition. Guess what? Paying attention to discarded pieces can really lead to unclogging the creative process. What is there to lose?? A piece that's already in the 'iffy' drawer? With nothing to lose, the inhibitions seem go go out the window. I've been having a great time with these art pieces (about 8 in all), throwing on more wax, text, metallic pigment rubs and even a found object or two. Try it!

I have to give credit to my daughter for the photo of the purple door. She hand-altered this photo that she took in Mexico. The sunflower photo was taken by me, and then hand altered, as well.

The pieces shown are still in progress...I'll post the finished art soon!

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