It's been a long–but productive–week! And, the power of re-packaging...

"Those Purple Trees", pastel, copyright L. JonesMoore

I've spent the week preparing for the upcoming Edmonds Art studio Tour, which is happening September 19 and 20. It's amazing how much work (and how easily one can move from point A to point B to Point C) when there is no child in the house. And yet, I do miss him. He's off to start the Great Middle School Experience that everyone remembers (NOT!). So far so good. He still seems excited about it all by Friday afternoon. We'll see how he feels about it in a few Fridays.

Anyway, back to preparations. As I'm pulling out older work, and discarding some of their tattered wrappers, and re-packaging them, I've been doing a LOT of thinking about the Beatles. If you read the newspapers, or read the home page of Yahoo, etc., you know that the Beatles have released TWO new re-packed versions of their incredible body of work. In video game and music form. I'm very excited about this. Re-packaging past works is not a new idea. Look at the work of the Impressionists! It's all been re-hashed, re-packaged and re-printed numerous times. But, people just can't get enough of the stuff!!

Which has me reflecting on the value of my past work, and how important it is to keep 'putting it out there', in one form or another (if it is , indeed, quality work). In my 'past life' as a visual artist, I did vibrant pastel landscape and still life paintings, and was a Signature member of the Northwest Pastel Society. I did some very good work.

My conclusion: embrace all past endeavors! Why not? I encourage all of you 'creatives' out there to do the same. Some of my pastel works will be exhibited during my Open Studio, along with my other, more recent experimental works. I do hope you can make it...


  1. What a small world. I was leaving a comment over at Seth's Altered page and found your blog. You are in Edmonds. I live on Camano Island. I have taught workshops there at ArtWorks in Edmonds.
    I have also been through a number of transitions like you and now am a mixed media collage/assemblage artist. It is good that you honor your past art life.

  2. Thank you for the validation. I sometimes wonder about my decisions...but the lure of experimental mixed media is hard to ignore!

  3. I love those purple trees - takes me back to when I tried to sketch. And I agree it is good to look at one's past work and evaluate where it has led one. I've just been cataloguing my art projects, most sadly at the moment unfinished; but one day .....

  4. Yes, those 'unfinished' pieces may provide much needed inspiration some day!